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The Beginners Guide to Wheel Throwing

Welcome to the virtual series! This class was designed for potters that have a wheel or access to one at a studio, wanting to learn about the basics. You get access to this 10 lesson course for life from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.


There will be 10 lessons - 1 hour each.

1. Wedging & Centering

2. Cylinders & Pulling

3. Changing the Form

4. Fixing Mistakes

5. Trimming

6. Bigger & Taller

7. Measuring Clay Components

8. Altered Forms pt. 1

9. Altered Forms & Handles pt. 2

10. Glazing/Finishing Work

$100 total for the series

My Tool List

Make sure you have your own wheel/kiln set up, or a local clay center where you can work out of, and snag some clay and tools from Clay King to get ready for this course!

Sponsored by Clay King

Use code:
Anderson5 for $5 off $50 or
Anderson10 for $10 off $100

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