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Statement & Bio

I create characters that come to life through the use of sgraffito on a porcelain clay body. I pair functional forms to the gesture of each character, mostly on tall and slender forms. I explore sculptural depth with the combination of my two-dimensional carving and three-dimensional layers of physical clay tiles epoxied on top of one another. The narratives literally pop off the page, and creates multi-layers of interest.


The technical surface is categorized into two layers: The first is the sgraffito porcelain background, carving away the underglaze to create the story through rhythmic lines and patterns. The creatures are elegantly placed in this composition with exaggerated gestures and elongated features. The second layer is concluded with an indulgence of vibrant colors added to the characters that transform them into the foreground.


My narrative goal is to create smiles through the use of colorfully whimsical characters in dystopian worlds. Humor is my driving factor, due to my personal experience of having chronic Lyme disease. This quickly developed my motivation to bring joy to each viewer, rather than focusing on work that reminds me of daily suffering. I use my creative platform to bring people hope in the midst of pain. 

Sarah Anderson is a full time ceramic artist that creates illustrative characters on the surface of clay through the use of sgraffito. Bright colors and exaggerated creatures are obvious statements in her work, creating a uniquely identifiable brand for herself. She graduated from Ball State University as a sculpture major, using multiple mediums to create large scale work. She was the ceramic department chair at the Indianapolis Art Center for three years before leaving to pursue her own work full time. Her work has been featured across the nation at multiple galleries and studios, winning awards like the Best Teapot for the Strictly Functional Pottery National at the Lancaster, PA Museum in 2021. Sarah has been featured in many articles and publishers like Ceramics Monthly and Indianapolis Monthly, as well as featured as a demo artist at the Amaco booth during NCECA 2023.

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