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Fall Announcements!


Hey, I'm Sarah! I'm a full time ceramic artist based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. On most days I'm accompanied by my Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd named Pip in my studio where I create functional, wheel thrown pottery with a flare. My whimsical characters appear on the surfaces of my work that reflect printmaking techniques. If you don't find me in my studio, you'll most likely find me on a long road trip out West hunting for hiking adventures or floating on my paddle board. Yes, Pip paddle boards with me too. 

My artwork is an expression of highly illustrative narratives depicted on the surfaces of functional porcelain vessels through the process of sgraffito. Exaggerated cartoon animals are displayed in the foreground as the metaphorical probiotic I use to loosen up the intensity of my process. The surface of my work is categorized into three layers: The porcelain background allows underglaze avers to form above in rhythmic lines and shapes. These elements weave their way into the creation of the middle ground, spreading evidence of further depth. This is concluded in an indulgence of bright, vibrant colors for the foreground, like adding icing to the cake. Humor has naturally found a path into the storyboard of my scenes, like the juxtaposition of a common sewer rat on a refined porcelain vessel. My reinterpretation of the classic western showdown with two lengthy frogs strapped with water guns replaces the once stoic cowboys. The use of humor often acts as a coping mechanism by deescalating tension through the universal language of laughter. Having chronic Lyme disease, laughter therapy has decreased my high levels of cortisol. lowering stress. My work is made to start conversations about how emotional responses affect the physical body. 

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