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V I R T U A L  C L A S S E S

Coming Late Fall 2022

I'm so excited to announce my virtual classes coming late this fall! To give you all a little taste, it will be a couple of different formats - but generally all the same concept.

10 projects - 10 weeks for beginner throwers, or people that what to refine their throwing skills. You will need to have your own wheel and set up, and I will provide the prompts and instructions for the duration of the class. It will be held via zoom, and we will have a max of 12 students. You can follow along, watch and take notes, ask questions, etc.

- Roughly 2 hours per class
- 2 one-on-one zoom classes, 1 hour each. Use each of these any time during the 10 week course.
- The first half of the class will be my demos and talking, and the rest of the class will be your time to ask questions.

I will be offering a downloadable Beginners Throwing Masterclass, the same 10 projects in 10 weeks concept. I've made this version for those looking for a little more of an affordable option with all the same information, just not via zoom. 

Please leave me a message if you have any other specific questions or comments!

Thanks for submitting!