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The Tiers of Donating:


Tier 1: $1 donation

Splash out a dollar & enjoy an exclusive picture of my Pyrenees/Australian Shepard Pip with the cup of the month! 


Tier 2: $5 donation (including tier 1)

As my patron, you will also gain special access to custom orders & commissions within reason. I will no longer be doing custom orders for the general public, so this will be a nice perk to take advantage of. 

Tier 3: $10 donation (including tier 1-2)

On top of access to custom orders, I will be vlogging my process in the studio. See behind the scenes action, and my thought process behind what I do. 

Tier 4: $20 donation (including tier 1-3)

I created my pottery business a little over a year ago, and I can’t imagine going back to the 9 - 5. I recently bought a small trailer that I will be adventuring in across the states, building my ceramic network. I will be accompanied by a fellow ceramic artist, Marret Metzger, and my dog Pip! We will be renovating my 1960 Serro Scotty Sportmen travel trailer, so this tier is for you if you want to see our progress beginning to end! Enjoy teaser videos and footage before our official release date. This content will vary each month, so jump on in and discover more about our traveling business - the Mobile Makers!

These are the basics of the Patreon set up for now - things will adjust and develop as time goes on, so look forward to bonus footage and info each month. 


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